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Watch Video: Cardi B Finally Finishes Her Khebab, Meets & Greet ‘Unserious’ Celebs

Akosua Cardi B has finally finished her Khebab and has met our celebs at last.

Ghanaian celebs who went to meet and greet the American rapper were snubbed by the artiste after she touched down.

News then broke that, the rapper snubbed them to go and chew Khebab, meaning she chose Khebab over our cherished celebrities.

Ghanaian celebs who trooped in to meet her have been subjected to mockery on social media and it’s so hilarious.

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However Cardi B has come out to say that, she was down with a running stomach reason she couldn’t meet the ‘meet and greet folks’.

Watch the meet and greet session below:


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