Watch surveillance video of Nipsey Hussle shooting

The surveillance video of Nipsey Hussle shooting at  Hyde Park neighborhood of  Los Angeles on Sunday has emerged, few hours after a vigil was held in his honour.

From the surveillance video of Nipsey Hussle shooting, the suspect was spotted in a red shirt walking quickly toward the front of the store before he shot the rapper three times.

After the initial shot, he returns and shoots again and then shoots a third time. He then kicks Nipsey before bolting toward the alley, which is where the first video began. Before the alleged shooter killed Nipsey, he reportedly got into a heated conversation with the Grammy Award-nominated rapper. Police said the man believe Nip snitched.

Although the actual shooting is impossible to see, a victim does collapse to the ground. It hasn’t been determined if the gunman is one of the people running from the scene, but there were evidently several eye witnesses.

Footage of the aftermath shows emergency responders wheeling Nip to the ambulance, while actively delivering life-saving efforts. He later died at a local hospital. Police believe the shooter is a black male in his 20s who escaped in a vehicle driven by a woman.

Here is the video below;
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