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Vodafone Foundation Receives Heartfelt Gratitude From Family Of 3 Sisters

After having their medical bills sorted out in the wake of been involved in a gruesome accident, a family of three sisters have expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Vodafone Ghana Foundation for settling their medical bills during the Foundation’s annual ‘Homecoming’ initiative.

Identified as Theresa, Rita, and Priscilla Owusu- they are among over 300 patients who benefited from the 2020 edition of Vodafone Homecoming programme which was rolled out in three phases across the Northern, Middle, and Southern belts respectively between July and September.

According to their parents, the three sisters were involved in a ghastly accident that left them with severe injuries, whose cost of treatment overwhelmed them.

However, Vodafone Foundation came to their aid and paid the hospital bill of Rita, who had been held at the 37 Military Hospital for more than a week after been discharged because the family couldn’t afford her bills.

In light of coming to the rescue of Rita, the foundation also accepted to pay for the surgery of Theresa, who underwent surgery at the St Joseph’s Hospital, Koforidua, to treat her fractured legs and also footed the bills of Priscilla, the oldest sister, who was being treated for brain injury.

“Vodafone Foundation’s timely intervention has turned the lives of my children around. We didn’t expect such a kind gesture from them. The family was excited when we received a call from Vodafone Foundation that they will pay in full of their bills. We will forever remain grateful to them.”

Rita, Theresa, and Priscilla additionally offered thanks to Vodafone Ghana Foundation for bringing relief to them, indicating that they had no hope for help coming to their direction.

“We are most thankful to Vodafone Foundation for paying for our surgeries” the three sisters expressed.

Explaining why the Vodafone Ghana Foundation came to the three sisters’ aid, the foundation Lead, Rev Amaris Nana Adjei Perbi, stated that the plight of the sisters touched them after reading their story in the Daily Graphic.

The 2020 edition of the Homecoming Initiative has settled the medical bills of more than 300 insolvent patients in various regional and district hospitals across the country, to enable them to attain their freedom and be reunited with their families.

Beneficiaries of the foundation’s philanthropic act included patients with medical conditions such as fractured spine and limbs from motor accidents, fibroid, unconsciousness as a result of convulsion, eye problems, and caesarian sessions, among others.

The initiative also saw the Foundation renew the National Health Insurance Scheme cards or register for new ones for beneficiaries and as well gave beneficiaries COVID-19 farewell packages.

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