(+Video)Xandy Kamel Curses Kaninja For Saying She Is A Certified lesbian

Ghanaian actress and TV presenter Xandy Kamel who is currently going through a lot in her marriage has been heard pronouncing curses on her husband Kaninja.

According to reports Xandy Kamel heard about her husband saying that he got married to a certified lesbian which to Xandy is untrue.

Xandy who felt disrespected by the words of her husband decided to rain curses on her husband as she called for the gods to deal with him and never allow him to enjoy life but always go through sorrows.

The actress was seen as very bitter when she was pronouncing the curse as she revealed that her husband should only be free from the curses if he comes out to publicly to confess and apologize completely or else her curses will affect him till he dies.

Watch the video below;

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