Video: Workers left because we couldn’t pay salaries 6 to 7 months – Bola Ray

The astute businessman Bola Ray in a recent video label the struggle his EIB network went through making him scared anytime any of his workers came to his office.

He stated; “In the month of August 2018, I had a lot of people walking away because it was difficult….. someone came to me and said: “My wife is insulting me because I have not been able to take money home for some months now.’ …….It got to a point that anybody who walks into my office, I ask: ‘Are you resigning,”

As of today, he said, “Out of 483 workers we started EIB with, we still have some great people out there making about 300 who are still with us and across the nation.”

“These guys stayed and said even if it is 6 or 7 months, we will be with you…now we’ve been able to reduce it [the salary arears] to about two or three months,” he added.

Watch the video:

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