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Video: Lydia Forson forces to tw3rk on Instagram just to keep up with the BussChallenge

You would have probably heard of the BussChallenge if you are a social media fanatic. The Buss Challenge is a new trend where ladies have undergone makeup transformation and twerk to the Buss song.

COVID-19 has negatively impacted my acting career – Lydia Forson
Lydia Forson

In the wake of this, Ghanaian social media personality and socialite Lydia Forson decided to jump on this challenge.

In the video posted by the side chick gang actress herself, she was seen twerking hard on the floor after she underwent a total makeup transformation just like the rest of the ladies do.

Lydia Forson is however 36 and claims she is not ready for marriage yet.

Watch video below;


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