VIDEO: Lady Recounts How She Drank DDT And Cement After A Heartbreak

A lady whose name has been identified as Constance Atta a Shop attendant has detailed she ended up drinking a whole bottle of DDT and also cement after suffering a very serious heartbreak.

According to the lady who was speaking during an interview with SVTV Africa’s Daily Hustle which is hosted by DJ Nyaami revealed that her boyfriend with whom she has been dating for over 2 years all of a sudden changed and started having multiple affairs with other ladies and finally ended up impregnating one of them.

She further revealed that the issue had a very big effect on her as she really loved the guy with whom they were even planning on getting married when the incident happened.

Constance who couldn’t stand the betrayal revealed that he then resulted to drinking the DDT and Cement so she can end her life but fortunately didn’t die.

Watch the video below;

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