VIDEO – Kennedy Agyapong Disgraces UTV Presenter

Take it or leave it, Kennedy Agyapong is the greatest politician Ghana has ever seen and he does justice to whoever puts him in a tight corner and this one will put you in your laughing shoes.

The hilarious MP who was recently in the news for bragging that he is richer than all the politicians in America has made it to the news again and he is trending on social media.

In an interview with one of United Television’s presenters, Kennedy Agyapong was asked if he has lied to anyone before and in answer to this question, he said he doesn’t see the reason why a person has to lie today and be truthful tomorrow.

He continued that he doesn’t tell lies but when he goes to cheat on his wife and he is caught, that is the only situation that will force him to lie.

The presenter then asked him whether or not he is interested in women and you wouldn’t believe Kennedy Agyapong told him not to ask him any ‘dumb’ questions because he has never seen any man who doesn’t like women before.

The MP compared the intelligence of the presenter to that of the BBC presenter who goofed big time. It appears Kennedy Agyapong has taken over the ‘dumb question’ mantle from Wendy Shay.


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