(+Video) I Blame Nigerians For Ghana’s Defeat To Morocco- DKB Fires

Ghanaian comedian DKB has come out to make a very shocking statement about the defeat of Black Stars during their match with Morocco.

According to DKB, there is no better person to blame for the Black star loosing their first match in the AFCON than Nigerians since they have never supported Ghanaians.

The comedian further revealed that Morocco is very close to Nigeria so should Nigerians have placed Ghanain songs they would have heard it and been a little bit compassionate towards us.

DKB after making the statement further added that he was just joking about what he said as he just said it for the fun of it and doesn’t mean any harm.

The Black Stars of Ghana lost their first match against Morocco as they conceded one goal but are left with two match which are against Gabon and Comoros respectively.

Watch the video below;

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