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(VIDEO): A man records his girlfriend cheating on him with another dude in public

Brokenhearted issues are the worst experiences to go through as a human. It’s very painful to be betrayed by the person you once loved, trusted and referred to as the love of your life only to be trashed.

Emotionally, you may become hopeless for a while before you could ever go back to your normal state again. In fact, others never recover after experiencing a serious heartbreak. In worst scenarios, some even prefer taking their lives to living.

A video making round shows a man who is lamenting for catching his girlfriend red-handed cheating in public. The worst part is that the girl looked too calm whilst cheating on his boyfriend.

Reacting to how he feels, the dude recorded the video of his girlfriend and the other guy chopping love. Hilariously, whilst he was recording, he was giving commentary as well.

Check out the viral video below;

What would’ve been your action if you were to be in this dude’s shoes? Confront the duo or walk away? Kindly share your thoughts with us…

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