Veteran Actor Kohwe battles With Stroke As He Behaves like A Baby

Veteran Actor Kofi Liang who is popularly known as Kohwe is currently battling a stroke that has caused him to be bedridden for some time now.

The actor who has starred in many hit movies that made childhood very fun speaking with a reporter revealed how his health is deteriorating and making it hard for him to do the normal things he used to do like speaking well as he now suffers a bit to speak.

According to kohwe he is in need of help as he has a lot of medicines he buys all the time which drains him and has caused him to become a burden on his wife and son who is currently staying with him.

He further called on people to help now that is alive rather than waiting for him to die before they flood his house with gifts and money for his wife and children.

Watch the video here;

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