You Can’t Be Ugly And Rude At The Same Time, You Must Choose One – Fan tells Patapaa

Patapaa Amisty, christened Justice Amoah, has dominated headlines after he snubbed the media who amassed at the new terminal – Terminal 3 – of the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) to give him a hero’s welcome after his European tour.

He has granted several interviews since explaining himself and telling Ghanaians how his tour went. Patapaa has also responded to the controversies surrounding his relationship with actress and model, Queen Peezy.

The “One Corner” singer claims he refused to speak to the media on his arrival at KIA because he was not in a good mood and wanted a quite time.

He also stated categorically that he has never been in any amorous relationship with Queen Peezy and was surprised to watch and hear her weep and claim he (Patapaa) bought her a promise ring after a video of him kissing a white lady went viral.

He explained that he claiming that he was dating Queen Peezy on social media sometime ago was just for hype because Peezy wanted to be famous and he gave her a helping hand.

One Corner hitmaker, Patapaa Amisty
One Corner hitmaker, Patapaa Amisty

The Swedru-based musician denied completely he purchased a ring for Peezy. he said he has no knowledge of that and may have she bought it herself.

But a close friend of Queen Peezy has described Patapaa as a liar who hates the truth and divulged that he made love with Peezy severally and she can attest to that.

Many Ghanaians after hearing how Patapaa snubbed the press and how he denied and humiliated his girlfriend publicly have taken him to the cleaners on social media.

And one of such is an avid supporter of the Hiplife musician who has asked him to stop the tomfoolery behaviour.

Social media user, 李丝 (Florence)
Social media user, 李丝 (Florence)

The fan, Florence, we have gathered is the alphabetical representation of her human identity but hides under a Chinese name 李丝, stated that it’s so upsetting for Patapaa to be ugly and rude at the same time.

She, however, advised Patapaa to choose between the adjectives ugly and rude because he cannot be such unattractive and still be acting that way.

See screenshot of her comment below

Patapaa can't be ugly and rude at the same time he should choose one - Fan
You can’t be ugly and rude at the same time he should choose one – Fan tells Patapaa
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