Two Arrested For Sales Of Rotten Chicken

The world is really becoming a very scary place to live in as a recent report by the Ghana Police has revealed how some two people were arrested for selling wholesome chicken which is rotten and spoilt to people who called for their services.

According to reports the incident took place at Adankwame bus terminal at Kejetia where an environmental health officer of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly(KMA) who was going about his daily duties sensed some foul smell and upon enquiry realised that the smell was coming from a container of cartons of chicken which she demanded to inspect.

The officer upon seeing the meat realised that they had been rotten and shouldn’t be sold for consumption led to her confiscating the chicken and also informing the police who came to arrest the two people selling the meat.

Public Relations Officer for KMA, Henrietta Afia Konadu Aboagye speaking to reporters revealed that they have arrest one Kwadwo Asare and another person whose identity is yet to be made known and have been placed in police cells as they help in the investigation that has already started to be able to know if there are more rotten meat in the market.

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