TV3 Used Us To Get Money, They Did Nothing For Me – Mentor Winner Drops Bombshell

Roselyn Akosua Mantey aka “First Lady” after almost six years of winning the season seven of TV3’s Mentor music reality has come out to put the reputation of the show which was adored by many into question.

In a ‘long’ reply she shared on social media under a post that sought to find out why after almost thirteen years since Mentor 1, none of the key contestants of the show is seen doing anything tangible in the music space, Akosua stated emphatically that all the blame should be laid at the doorsteps of TV3.

According to her, the contract which is signed with the winners of the show is not fulfilled by TV3. She alleged that the recording and the video shoot deal which is included in the contract they signed when she won the competition never saw the light of day which is why people did not see any musical work from her in the year she won.

“First Lady” described TV3 in the post sighted on Facebook as saboteurs whose only aim is to use contestants of the show to milk sponsors of the show and do everything in their power to see winners fail.

“What people don’t know is that when you win Tv3 mentor. The contract you sign with them they don’t fulfill it. Till now I don’t even have a copy of the contract and for a fact you can ask the winners if they have a copy of it. In the contact it’s says they will record and shoot videos, manage you for a year but they did nothing.It’s all lies wai. Since you have sign a contract with then you are scared to mess up, so you have no option than to wait till it ends.They used us to make money and you know managing fame is not easy. After a year no record label wants to sign you cos at the fresh start of your career that’s when they wanted to continue from but since Tv3 has turn their self to konogo kaya osua )no so )ma obi nsua…” Akosua wrote under a post of Caleb Nii Boye.


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