Trigmatic To Release His Fourth Studio Album

Ghanaian rapper Trigmatic has announced the release of his fourth studio album dubbed “Eigth Element” later this year.

“We have been doing a lot of projects behind the scenes. Apart from this album, I plan to release an EP too,the rapper told Mauvie, host of Fresh Juice on Joy Prime.

According to the ‘My life’ hitmaker, his fans have been demanding for more tunes from him, hence the decision.

there was a bit of demand from last year but time wouldn’t allow me because I had to be on the radio. There was a festival I was supposed to attend in Australia but there was a bit of a problem because I had gone on leave already. Same thing with Zanzibar”, he said.

Trigmatic has three albums and an EP to his name.

He released “Stains on a Cloth” mixtape in 2007, “Permanent Stains” in 2010, “SOUL-u-TIONS” in 2011 and “M.A.T.I.C” in 2017.

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