Trailer For Anas’ ‘Galamsey’ Exposé Released (WATCH VIDEO)

In wide anticipation, the trailer for Anas Aremayaw Anas’ galamsey documentary has been released.

The renowned undercover Journalist has exposed influential persons including chiefs, politicians, and persons in the security services who have been plunged in illegal mining business in the country.

Titled “Galamsey Fraud Part 1’’ the new documentary debuts on Wednesday 27 February 2019.

There is no qualm that the appalling effects of galamsey activities have caused great harm to our environment, leading to a total breakdown of our fragile economy especially at a time the country continually leaves its natural resources to foreigners.

It is in the light of this rampant nature of ‘lackadaisical’ handling of the menace by political leaders and the growing concern of the general public that the expose has been made to among other things, unravel perpetrators of such shocking acts.

Except for series of media campaigns and the introduction of Anti-Galamsey Task force supposedly meant to find ‘permanent solution’ to galamsey, other key political and traditional leaders expected to ‘take up’ the issue have held their tongues.

Meanwhile, Anas’ expose shockingly uncovers top government appointees and security personnel who have since the inception of the menace appeared ‘innocent’ from these acts but are the backbone of the canker.

“We found some men who stabbed president Nana Addo in the back,’’ the trailer shows.

Supposing, ‘the men’ involved were as blameless as they parade themselves, the question, “which people are responsible for giving lands to people to operate on?’’ still begs for an answer. The public would on February 27 find all the answers but for now.

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