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Tracey Boakye goes dirty on Mzbel: Claims her sugar daddy dumped her because her toto is covered with grey hair (video)

“The beef make hot pass hell”. Tracey Boakye has finally knocked out Mzbel by landing a prime Tyson Punch on the face of the latter as per her recent angry outbursts and the dirty secrets she revealed during her most-recent Ig live session.

As alleged by Tracey Boakye, Mzbel is a notorious blackmailer who blackmailed Nigel Gaisie for 50,000 cedis. Assuming this bombshell was not enough, Congo soldier, Tracey Boakye further asserted that the sugar daddy they are both fighting over: dumped Mzbel because her toto is covered with grey hair.

Toto with grey hair “paa de3”, it’s obvious the sugar daddy is tired of “eating” and apparently wants a lady with black hair to move out with.

Ladies with black hair on their toto’s control the sugar daddies, if you dont know ask Tracey Boakye.

Kindly watch the video below to know more. ‘Mesef’ i taya dem lol

Source: Gossips24.com

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