Top 5 checklist of every woman when she wants a guy

Attraction comes in many forms and ways. People tend to get attracted to the opposite sex because of certain qualities that they possess. These checklists, however, vary from one person to the other.

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Women especially look at certain unique features before they begin to fall a man. Some of these features may be common while others may vary between women.

Guys try their possible best to attract the opposite sex but what they do not know is that it can take less effort than they think. Certain features might be natural while others are earned.

Below are some checklist of girls.

1. First impression

The first impression is undoubtedly a very key feature that women look out for in guys. Everywhere we go, our first impression is what speaks out loud to people who do not even know us. Therefore giving out a positive first impression is important.

2. Dress sense

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The physical appearance of a guy is obviously catchy. Women look out for guys who are sharply and neatly dressed. A guy who dresses well is communicating a message that he knows what he is about.

3. Height

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Well, not all of us where born tall but research has shown that, women feel much safer and cooler beign with tall guys than short guys. No disrespect for short guys, but the tall once have it.

4. Swagger

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This might sound silly but women love guys who can pull of a little bit of swag. Men with swag and cool style of doing things tend to attract the attention of ladies than nerdy guys.

5. Confidence

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If you are a guy and you luck self-confidence, getting the attention of a lady can be a big problem. This is because women find bold and confident guys to be more attractive than shy and timid guys with low self-esteem.

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