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Toolzo Descends on People Using Underage Kids as Househelps

Toolz, a media personality, has demanded that people who maltreat underage kids that serve as their househelps need to be put behind bars.

She was reacting to a tweet which called using children or underaged kids as househelps, slavery.

According to Toolz, it does make any sense to her why someone will maltreat people they have put in charge of their homes and children as this can translate into how they expend their duties.

She Tweeted;

Saw this earlier.

Very important conversation to have.And if you have an underage child that you’re maltreating (paying peanuts, beating, starving etc) you deserve to be in jail.

I will never understand people that treat those handling their childcare badly. These are people that you expect to look after your children in a loving and caring manner o!”

If you have an underage child that you

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