The Tongue Is Powerful So Don’t Joke With Death-Reggie Rockson To Shatta

Hiplife Grandpapa Reggie Rockson has during an interview added his voice to the staged death of Ghanaian dancehall artist Shatta Wale as he advise him.

According to Reggie Rockstone, the tongue is a very powerful tool and can destroy as well as build therefore people must be careful the kind of words they say or pronounce on them.

Speaking in an interview on TV3, Reggie Rockstone said he was very worried about the wellbeing of Shatta Wale when the news broke out that he had been shot.

He further revealed that he would do everything possible so that he can find Shatta Wale and those behind the creation of the hoax and discipline them for using the tongue negatively.

“First of all without disrespect, I will write this off because I am an elder. You don’t joke with death, you don’t speak about death like that because the bible itself speaks against the power of our tongue.

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