Terry Bonchaka Died A Virgin – HERE IS WHY

It has been revealed that the late Ghanaian musician Terry Bonchaka died a proud virgin for the best reason.

In a report sighted by Gossips24.com, his sister in an interview with Neat FM, disclosed that the Late Terry Bonchaka did not divulge himself in all the perceived lifestyles of famous people especially personalities found within the music arena.

Music as a profession has been linked with various lifestyles across the globe like smoking, flirting, partying, promiscuity and others but Shatana refuted claims that his brother Late Terry Bonchaka practiced any of the aforementioned.

According to the ‘Mobile Money’ crooner, Late Terry Bonchaka was still a virgin when he died.

Shatana recounted that his brother was so obsessed with music such that he was always seen doing something musically inclined.

Adding to this, Shatanaa reiterated that she never saw her brother with any lady because of her focused attention on his music craft.

She dared to prove her statement about Terry’s virginity.

“My brother was so crazy about his music career that he barely had time for family and friends, I was always with him and I never for once saw him with any lady in a comprised position talk less of entertaining their proposals, I know he died a virgin and I can even prove that”.

She explained.
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