“Stop thinking about your selfish gains and branding nonsense” – Shatta Wale fires Sarkodie again

Dancehall Naa, Shatta Wale has written a long note on his Instagram handle firing literal shots at Sarkodie asking him to stop being selfish.

It appears there will be another beef between Shatta Wale and Sarkodie – not to say they have settled their differences – since they have been quiet for some time now.

Just yesterday, Sarkodie was seen in the studios of Red Bulls in London, and Shatta seems to be jealous of the rapper’s solo moves.

Shatta fired the shots on his Instagram page asking Sarkodie who is always preaching about ‘Brand no y3 solid’ to stop “that different your brand , different my branding nonsense.

He also advised Sark this time around to stop being selfish because his selfishness does not bring him any gains.

Things got out of hands as the ‘Borjor’ crooner called Sark ‘A BIG FAT BUSHY PUSSY,’ since all he cares about are honours and awards.

His full post reads; “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” Ghana music industry has a problem so stop thinking about your selfish gains which won’t bring you good money by the way🤣😜 and let’s solve the main problems affecting us … “Stop that different your life , different my life thinking ‘
“Stop that different your brand , different my branding nonsense talks “
And let’s solve this problem once and for all !! Any artiste that says this industry is better for him simply because of winning awards is not just a pussy but A BIG FAT BUSHY PUSSY 🤣😂 “

From the post, we don’t need anyone to affirm that indeed he was referring to Sark, but why is he afraid to mention his name directly?

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