Stop The Village Life – Vicky Zugah to Ghanaian men

Passive Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah has taken to social media to drag Ghanaian men in the mud for a very good reason known to her.

Vicky Zugah sent out a message to men who start calling women on video once they accept their friend’s request or get their phone numbers.

According to Vicky who called such category of men villagers, the fact that she is still single doesn’t mean she needs just any kind of man to be in a relationship with and what annoys her is when some men slid into her DM or call on phone and ask, “tell me about yourself” ─ as if it’s some sort of essay competition for marks.

The actress says she has no time to answer those stupid essay-type questions posed by some men on their first approach either on social media or on phone calls.

Though we don’t know of any man in Vicky’s life which makes her single, she rightfully says she is unavailable for hookups.

She concluded that Ghanaian men should stop that village style of approaching women because it’s annoying.

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