Stop Monitoring Your Husbands’ Phone Calls & Whatsapp Messages –Counsellor advises Wives

Outspoken marriage Counsellor and motivational speaker, Lady Reverend Dr. Mrs Charlotte Oduro has admonished wives to desist from going through their husbands’ phones to check if they are cheating or not.

She further advised wives and girls to stop asking their husbands and boyfriends the number of girls who called them on phone while they were at work or trips.

Lady Reverend Dr. Mrs Charlotte Oduro said it’s wrong for wives to always be suspicious of their husbands encouraging them to love and respect them instead.

The Pastoress believes wives who constantly monitor their husbands’ phones have the tendency of losing their marriages to other women.

She wondered why some wives create unnecessary tension in their homes just because a girl they suspect to be dating their husbands called.

Lady Reverend Dr. Mrs Charlotte Oduro underscored that husbands will cherish and love their wives who make their homes a peaceful place to live but will cheat on wives who nag and engage in useless fights.

In her estimation, men need women who will treat them as Kings and not wives or partners who rub shoulders with them urging wives to submit themselves to their husbands.

In a video, she advised, ‘Women listen to me learn how to submit and humble yourself, and stop always frowning your face and asking questions, who talked to you today, who called you, you are always checking your guys’ phones, you are always monitoring your husbands’ phones, one day you will lose the marriage, you don’t need to look or check on his phone, you just need to love and respect him. Every man needs a woman who will take him as a King and humble herself for that man’.

The wife of the founder of Royal Victory Family Church International said sex is not enough for a man to love his wife adding that its time wives go beyond sex and engage in stuffs that will maintain their marriages.

You think having sex is enough, no, a man can have sex with you and still leave you, you need to bring the womanhood out of you, you need to let the man know the real woman in you,’ she advised.

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