“ You Used to Do Gay For Money Back In The Days” – Social Media User Accuses Prince David Osei of Being Gay

Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei and his medieval brain have been taking a bashing on social media after he viciously attacked homos*xuals for no discernible reason whatsoever.

David Osei went on an unhinged rant against gays, claiming even Satan was not gay because he tempted Eve rather than Adam.

Social media has taken the actor to task for his bigoted comments. Whilst some Ghanaians troll him nonstop (others support him of course), Instagram has also taken down the post for its extreme nature.

One social media user has also slammed Osei for his comments, calling him a closeted gay. The user alleged that Osei used to sell his a$$ to rich dudes for cash but now has the audacity to attack gays.

It’s a strong unfounded allegation which brought a sharp rebuke from the actor, who descended into the gutters with this follower in his reply. Apparently, he can attack gays all he wants but whoever attacks him in return has crossed a line.

As for whether Osei is gay or not, that’s not something we can verify; but the fact is his bigoted comments is enough to show the whole world what a buffoonish, medieval person he is and luckily for him, he has no career prospects outside this continent or he’ll have lost them already with his outburst.



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