#Skopatumana Challenge: Learn the lyrics of Daavi ne Ba – Kawoula Biov Feat Patapaa

Justice Amoah popularly known as Patapaa has once again set the internet particularly facebook and twitter ablaze with the #Skopatumana Challenge. The Swedru based entertainer has released another rap verse in a song called Daavi, that seems to be taking over the internet with the speed of fire.

Patapaa’s verse on Kawoula Biov’s song titled “Daavi Neba” is going viral because nobody seems to understand the lyrics, yet it sounds funny and interesting to rap along.

The youth have taken to these social media platforms to emulate the rap verse of patapaa on Daavi and the trend does not seem to be dying anytime soon.

Listen and learn the lyrics of his verse in order not to appear lost in this fast spreading trend.

Joining the Skopatumana Challenge or looking for Patapaa’s verse on Kawoula’s Daavi Ne Ba,

till patu pataa
skoska to mana
till da pop dada
sko pa to mana
filo di si dadaa
kati don panpana
ma don go don
ma ga da zen zen
na dan bam badan
ko danko kedo
kra po aba
tsu seyy


Listen to Daavi ne Ba – Kawoula Biov Feat Patapaa

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