Shatta Michy Flaunts New Engagement Ring, Leaves People In Dilemma

Former SM Queen, and baby mama of  Shatta Wale, Shatta Michy seems to have moved on from her relationship with the dancehall star once and for all.

For a very long time, it looked like these two were truly inseparable and nothing could drive them apart. They would publicly breakup, throw all sorts of insults at each other but then weeks or months later, they reconcile.


However, their latest breakup seems to be for good. Both have indicated they are done and Shatta Michy has for the first time set up her own business to enable her survive without the riches of Shatta Wale.


Another move which might indicate that they are done is that Michy has been spotted on social media flaunting a new ring on her finger. Obviously, she was engaged to Wale previously and she used to wear his ring but she took that off after their breakup.


However, she’s now wearing a new ring in a recent photo uploaded to her Insta story. Having taken off Wale’s ring, sporting a new ring raises more new questions. The biggest question revolves around whether she’s engaged again, or she’s just trying out a new accessory.

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