Serwaa Amihere joins the #fixthecountry campaign as she tells party footsoldiers to ‘learn basic decency and common sense’

Serwaa Amihere has joined the many angry and disappointed Ghanaians who are calling on Nana Addo and his appointees to serve Ghanaians better citing the recent unbearable socail and economic hardships in the country.

According to Serwaa Amihere, it is gross disrespect for party footsoldiers to tell Ghanaians who are seeking better governance to first fix themselves whiles they don’t pay taxes to themselves.

This submission follows the #FixTheCountry hashtag that has been consistently been in the top 5 trends in the country for the 3rd day in a row.

She wrote;

It is insulting to tell citizens demanding action against increasing hardships to “Fix themselves”. Show Ghanaians some respect and resolve the problems causing the unbearable hardships and stop adding insult to injury.

In other news, Efia Odo will be leading a group of Twitter influencers and Ghanaians to demonstrate against the ruling NPP government coming this 9th May.


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