Rich man punches taxi driver to death for hitting his Lexus SUV car with his taxi (photos)

A rich man has fallen on the wrong side of the law after punching a taxi driver to death for hitting his Lexus SUV car.

A taxi driver has lost his life after he was allegedly punched by the owner of a Lexus SUV in Owerri, a town located in Imo State of Nigeria.

According to IfeanyiCy Njoku, the incident happened at Warehouse junction, Owerri.

The taxi driver is said to have bashed the Lexus, prompting the owner to step out and punch him. He fell flat on the floor and allegedly died.

A few reactions were gathered to the incident as captured below:

‘Now the anger will leave your eyes and you will realise what you just did’

‘Some people are already dead Spiritually,just let them go with their wahala. Rip to the dead’

‘Some people are half dead just waiting for who to do finish work. Avoid trouble and save yourself. Even when the trouble comes still avoid it’

‘U don’t just punch or lay hands on anyone in this country, the country is hard already and alot of people are just walking around with one Medical issue or the other’

‘Person wey go die meet person wey go kill am. Manage your anger people 😢.’

See The Photos Below:

CREDIT: Celebritiesbuzz

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