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Regina Daniels In Trouble For Saying She Loves Her Husband After Receiving N24m Rolex Watch Gift from him

Nigerians are lashing out on Regina Daniels on social media for saying she loves Ned, her husband after she received a N24 million Rolex Watch from him.

The Actress after receiving the gift took to social media to flaunt it in a video with the caption; “Meet my four wheel plane…..Also a birthday present from hubby along side my 24million Naira watch…..love you baby … u are so extra…Ps: I need to show off … it’s mine”

This has however not been received in good faith by some Nigerians who think she’s only saying she loves Ned because of the gifts and not due to real love.

These are some of the comments;

1. DJ Fem ; “When you buy something for a woman, they will say they love you. The truth is that they don’t love you, they just love what they’re benefiting from you”

2. Peter ; “You don’t love your husband….You’re benefiting from him! You’re a benefit babe”

3. Gio ; “I hope ur hubby is not one of the treasury looters?? Because we are coming for them soon”

4. Dinmah ; “Let him continue taking poor people’s land in Delta. His day is coming”

5.  Seyi Makinde ; “24 million naira wristwatch for what exactly??? Where people are suffering? This is really insensitive at this time!!! That money can feed millions of people across the country dying of huger! That money can feed the protesters all over the country and still have change!!!”

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