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Regina Daniels’ Polygamous husband, Ned Nwoko, is allegedly engaged to the seventh wife

Going by the news circulating on the information superhighways, the billionaire husband of Nollywood actress cum socialite, Regina Daniels, may be taken off the record as Ned Nwoko’s latest wife. Regina Daniels’ herself as the sixth wife may be helping her other five (5) rivals to welcome their new rival who will be the 7th wife to the most educated and polygamous man in Nigeria! This same man has been rumoured in the past to have something doing with Nollywood superstar Chika Ike. Even though the man in question and Chika Ike have all denied this, the rumourmongers sounded really convincing!

The 7th wife identified simply as “Sara” and “Sar8al” on Instagram has been in Nigeria for some time, and Regina Daniels has been sharing her photos and videos on both Instagram and Snapchat. In one of such videos, she flaunted her supposed engagement ring with the caption “wifey”.

Sara who was spotted with Regina Daniels in Abuja over the weekend has also been seen chilling in the pool in Ned Nwoko’s house and also cruising cars Regina Daniels uses.

She has also been sharing photos at Ned Nwoko’s house which came with a caption “secret location”.

Insiders have also alleged that she will be going through the traditional marriage rites just like Regina Daniels, as Ned Nwoko allegedly “believes in culture”.

Well, since Ned Nwoko has claimed to be interested in marrying only virgins, then, Sarah may definitely be one!

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