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Rawlings caused my first son’s death but I have forgiven him – Nollywood actor, Emmanuel France reveals

Iconic Nigerian veteran in the Nollywood industry, France Emmanuel, has for the first time, revealed how his first son died during Rawlings’ regime in 1983.

During an exclusive interview with renowned Ghanaian blogger Attractive Mustapha, the movie virtuoso alleged that his first son died out of hunger in 1983 during the terrible-unforgettable hunger period which struck Ghana like the thunder.

As recounted by the actor, because foodstuffs were difficult to get and overly expensive in the course of the period; His first son whom he refused to mention his name died because he didn’t get enough good food to eat.

In the dying minutes of the interview, he empathically sated that he’s neither a Ghanaian nor a Nigerian but a Gold Coastian.

“I am not a Nigerian and not a Ghanaian, so my children are not Nigerians and not Ghanaians, they are Gold Coastians.”

The legendary actor has eight children who are all based in Nigeria.

Source: Gossips24.com

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