Beef Alert: Queen Peezy takes “tramadol” to fight Akuapem Poloo over Bukom Banku

Evidently, Bukom Banku, Queen Peezy and Akuapem Poloo are mad people in clothes who are fortunate enough to have access to a smartphone and the internet hence the privilege to disturb our peace of mind with their stupid controversies and senseless dramas.

These three idiots are certified attention whores and gradually they might completely lose touch with sanity because attention is more of a harmful drug than [email protected] drug.

A few days ago, the ex-girlfriend of Patapaa, Queen Peezy, and Bukom made headlines after they were caught kissing in the open space and making love to shame Patapaa.

We all thought Bukom Banku and Queen Peezy’s love would be a replica of the famous Romeo and Juliet until Akuapme Poloo, out of nowhere, surfaced in the scene to have her share of the trend.

Queen Peezy was having a field day till sumours went rife that Bukom Bnaku has diched his sorry a$$ for Akuapem Poloo.

The fast trending tittle-tattle was confirmed after a video of Akuapem Poloo kissing Bukom Banku also found a way to mysteriously land on the internet.

Queen Peezy who has sensed that she might be losing Bukom Banku to Akuaoem Poloo has fired hoy shots at Akuapem Poloo.

According to incensed Queen Peezy appeared to be on some cheap drugs whiles addressing the devoping saga, she will beat the hell out of living Akuapem Poloo if she doesn’t keep her “dirty” hands off her man (Bokom Banku).

The attention where issued these threats in a Facebook live she hosted.

The beef is yet to be spiced up. Stay tuned for more.


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