Proper ways to take care of your acne

Acne or pimples are simply the inflammation of the skin caused by existing bacteria on the face or other biological factors.

This skin condition can however get worst if one does not take care of it properly.

Many people tend to experience acne as a sign of puberty while others do not.

However, below are simple tips to control and get rid of acne on your face.

1. Wash your face

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The face is widely exposed to dirt and therfore serves as a good breeding ground for bacteria. It is therfore important that you wash your face often to prevent dirt from clotting on your face.

2. Avoid cleaners that irritate the skin

Certain face cleaners can do a lot of harm than good to your face. It is key that you avoid alcohol based cleaners that might break your skin.

3. Allow skin to heal naturally

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More often, you see people popping their acne with their fingers. This can leave scars that take longer to heal.

4. Do not touch your face

Your hands may transfer bacteria to your face whenever you touch them. Avoid touching your face as often as possible.

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