Former BBNaija season 5 lockdown housemate Prince Nelson Nenwerem has done the honourable and deserves to be applauded for such a bold same time dignifying step.

The evicted housemate has respectfully rejected a Go Fund Me account which was set up by his fans after his eviction from the BBNaija house.

As suggested by Prince in a post he shared on his official Ig page, we are in tough times and it will be very evil and greedy of him to accept money from people who’s financial conditions might be worse than him in the name of “fanbase”.

My dear Royal Army, I’m still overwhelmed and trying to soak in all the love you have been showing me. I’m sincerely speechless because I never expected the love I’m receiving.

This GoFundMe account was brought to my attention last night and I almost teared up by the mere thought and intentions behind it.

We are experiencing difficult times now and people still want to do this for me?

Nah, I think it’s time you all rest while I think of what to do to pay you all back for the surreal love.

I sincerely appreciate this gesture, but I want my Royal Army to save their funds on this one.

My dream of starting a salon will surely come to pass ASAP, as I already have some Investors and hopefully some brands interested in this dream.

I want to make you all proud and all I need right now is the continuous love, spiritual and moral support you all have been excessively showing me.

Thank you to my beautiful and wonderful Royal Army @flyest_mz and @_Super_jewel for trying to put the GoFund together. Love you guys so much.

My media rounds is still ongoing but I can’t wait to interact with every one of you on a personal level soon on my IG live. Love you all my darlings



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