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Former President Kufour reveals how his mother had 10 children with 4 different men

Ghana’s former head of state – President John Agyekum Kufuor has opened up about the personal adventurous life of his late mother nad hos his last name Kufuor came about.

During a personal life discussion with Adom TV’s Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe president publsicy made it known for the first time that his mother got married to four diffrent men and had 10 children in all men.

He stated that his mother, whom he described as the greatest politician he had ever come across because of her choice of men, had an influence on his political life because of the men she was married to

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In the course of the interview, he also noted that his mother was an independent woman who took decisions on her own and easily moved on.

Kufuor revealed that his mother’s marriage to her first husband turned sour after they both had five children together adding that NPP’s Dr. Akoto Afriyie is his brother from a different father.

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The ex-president added that after four years, his father, whom he referred to as Agyekum came along and married his mother and they both had three sons including himself, Addo and George Kufuor.

Again, after four years, the marriage ended and she ended up with her last husband who happened to be the chief of Bechem, Nana Ofosu Diabuor.

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