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Politicians are to be blamed for the upsurge In Covid-19 Cases – Traders in the Tema Metropolis

Over the past weeks, there has a massive surge in active COVID-19 cases in Ghana. This latest development has become a source of worry for many Ghanaians, since it appeared the country was seemingly winning the COVID-19 fight when the President eased restrictions on public gatherings some months ago.

In respond to this latest development, some traders in the Tema Metropolis have accused politicians for being the cause of the rise in COVID-19 cases in the country.

According to the traders, politicians through their political activities such as rallies, health walks, tours etc. with disregard to the protocols have brought the country where it is today.

One Petty trader, Miss Linda Nyarko at Tema Community One market blamed both government and citizens for not being diligent enough, leading to the recent upsurge in cases.

She noted that, whilst most Ghanaians had ignored the protocols, government have also neglected its own efforts to ensure the strict adherence to the safety protocols geared towards controlling the spread of the deadly virus

“The fact that we don’t see the virus doesn’t mean it’s not there. ” She noted.

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She revealed that, she became aware of the impact of the virus having been educated by a customer who informed her about how several workers contracted the disease at her place of work.

She then took the opportunity to advise her fellow traders to ensure proper handwashing and frequent use of hand sanitizers, especially after handling money.

She further called on government to reconsider locking the country down totally, should the situation get worse before the December polls.

The GPRTU station master at the Tema Community One main lorry station, Mr. Akwetey also noted that, the protocols were no longer being adhered to at the station after strict social distancing in the lorries was lifted.

He further stated that, anytime they insisted that passengers should wear their masks, they refused, and rather accused politicians of holding political activities that massed people up without nose masks and social distancing.

A driver at the station, Mr. Emmanuel Tawiah, insisted that, Politicians should “should be responsible and practice what they preach”, stressing the need for them not to disregard the very directives they rolled out to all Ghanaians to control the spread of the virus.

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On the other hand, another resident who disagreed with the accusation that politicians had brought about the rise in COVID-19 infections, said the public’s disregard to the safety protocols was the real cause.

He said, the President in all his addresses to the nation admonished citizens to comply with the safety protocols but failure on the part of citizens to adhere to the directive had brought the second spike.

According to him, “Greater Accra is the only region experiencing this rise and not nationwide. Everyone’s safety is in his or her own hands and you don’t need the President or any other person to force you to wear the nose mask.”

It can be recalled that, President Akufo-Addo in his 19th speech to the nation urged Ghanaians not to let their guard down but rather adhere to mask wearing, handwashing, the use of sanitizers and social distancing protocols to help curb the second wave of infection engulfing the nation.

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