Photos: Social media users mourns a slayqueen who was killed in a car crash

Ghanaian social media users wails after death had laid Its cold arms on an unknown woman.

According to sources, she had lost her life after a forty accident on the Cape Coast – Accra highway.

A deep throat information indicates that she was returning from a friend’s funeral but couldn’t get home alive.

See her photos

  1. Robert Armstrong says

    You don’t know the person but you decide to label her a slay queen. I’m pretty sure you would have chosen your words carefully if she were your sister or girlfriend. This reckless blogging should stop.

  2. Sal says

    Hmmmm… so Mr. Blogger, as you used these insensitive words to describe someone’s daughter who has died no, you’re happy erhhnn?
    Pls for crying out loud, let Esther rest peacefully. Why label her as a “slay queen”? The fact that you want people to read your stories doesn’t mean you should write misleading headlines. Please and please again, your caption is very insensitive and untrue so you better change it before it lands you in trouble. Ahhhh, cheap blogging nkoaaa na you people know how to do in this country… Smh!

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