Devastating news which hit the Ghanaian digital space were confirmed reports which announced the death of a Ghanaian female who was murdered in cold blood by the husband in front of her work place in the US.

According to eyewitnesses and sources, late Barbara Tommey was shot seven times by the abusive husband, Pastor Sylvester outside the Navy Federal Credit Union near the Mall at Millenia last Tuesday.

Amidst this tragic story, another disturbing video which has surfaced online is footage of Pastor Sylvester in a heated argument with his brother-in-law.

In the video, Pastor Sylvester can be heard in an angry tone screaming “If I don’t kill your sister, I’m fake.

The nameless brother in law proposed that they call for the arrest of the woman beater but his sister, late Barbara suggested that it wasn’t necessary and lo-and-behold met her untimely death caused by the same man she was defending.

Meanwhile, rumours on the Ghanaian internet community also alleges that the couple were in the process of getting divorced because of Sylvester’s abusive lifestyle which seemingly was detested by the pastor and forced him to kill the wife.

Check out the video below to know more;



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