Opambour Throws Hot Jabs At Government Over Mobile Money Tax

Leader and founder of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center prophet Ebenezer Opambour Yiadom popularly known as Opambour has come out to address the tax been placed on mobile money.

The man of God who was speaking during a church service revealed that it is very much absurd that the government could introduce e levy charges on mobile money and other electronic transactions.

According to him, the system is very hard and people are really suffering and should rather be helped by the government instead of bringing in more taxes that would rather take from them.

Opambour further revealed questioned the government’s effort in solving the high rate of unemployment among the youth in Ghana.

“what would be the use of parents spending their hard-earned money to send their children to school and they complete and come stay at home? There are little to no jobs in the country and you introduce more taxes for the people. Are we progressing as a country or retrogressing?

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