Only 790 out of 2824 students pass Law School entrance exams

790 students out of 2824 passed the School of Law entrance examinations in 2021, accounting for 28% of the total.

The number of students who passed is down 10% from the total number of students who passed in 2020. The 2020 examinations were passed by a total of 1045 pupils.

Over the years, the rate of failure in the Ghana School of Law entrance tests has become a topic of national debate.

The massive failure follows a similar disaster in Ghana’s bar exams a few months ago. More than 90% of the 727 students who took the examinations failed, causing classmates to become agitated.

The public has become even more anxious as a result of recent comments by the Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo, which appeared to imply that the country is attempting to limit the number of lawyers produced.

Addressing the Bench, Bar and Faculty Conference at the Labadi Beach Hotel on the theme “The Changing Landscape in the Law – the Judge, the Lawyer and the Academic”

He is reported to have said;

Those of us who have been too long on the General Legal Council, those of us who spent too long on the disciplinary committee, we have cause to worry because the kinds of misconduct are such that there is no way anybody envisaged these categories of misconduct when the Legal Profession Act was being enacted in the 1960s.


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