Not All Rich Men Are Thieves – Kennedy Agyapong

Most celebrated and attention seeking politician, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has come to the defense of rich men asking Ghanaians to stop tagging the rich as thieves.

The average Ghanaian has the perception that rich people in the society are thieves, and corrupt individual who have engaged in several illegal things to be successful.

According to Kennedy Agyapong, the majority of rich men including himself acquired their riches through hard work and not through dubious means that most people have it in mind or have been made to believe.

He said during the 1971 and 1972 coups factories and companies were collapsed because the leaders at that time felt the owners of those successful companies were thieves.

Successful coups especially the 1971 and 1972 coups targeted at Ghanaian entrepreneurs, it collapsed businesses in every corner of the country, talk of Kwahu’s Motors, Opoku Transport, Siaw Tata, B.A Manu, B.A Mensah all of them, so its passed on history narrated to people that is why majority of people save their monies abroad, every successful person was criminalized during these coups so it’s difficult for every Ghanaian to be so committed

he said in an interview on his TV station NET 2 Television.

Sharing his view on why foreign businesses have now taken over in the country, he said the refusal by some top business moguls in the country to invest in Ghana is what has led the country to where it is now.

He explained that he is not against foreigners investing in Ghana but citizens should be encouraged to establish businesses without being tagged as thieves.

I want to encourage Ghanaians to take their own destinies into their hands, Ghanaians can also do it too, by being self –disciplined,

he urged Ghanaians
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