Nana Addo Rejects $200m Chamber Proposal?

Ghanaians have since the news on Parliament building a 450 capacity chamber valued at $200m not settled a single day without insulting the Nana Addo led NPP administration.

This has called for the popular hashtag, #dropthatchamber on social media, with reports stating how 2 million Ghanaians will be marching in the coming days against the said proposal in discussion.

Not long ago, reported on how one Enersto Yeboah was arrested in Parliament for kicking against the move whiles parliament was in session.

This morning, we have sighted a report on which states that the president has kicked against moves by parliament to use $200m for a new chamber.

Nana Addo,

According to the report, the president says he is focused on more top priority projects for the country, hence his rejection of the proposal.

The president Nana Addo is reportedly bent on improving Ghana’s roads, the education and training sector, agriculture, water and housing, rural development, and many more, cited the report.

A credible source within the Jubilee house was reported to have reiterated that the $200m proposal has not come to the notice of cabinet for discussion, let alone gaining the president’s approval.

“The President is intent on ensuring that the government focuses on its priority projects – roads, education and training, agriculture, rural development, water and housing,” the report stated.

“The proposal for this building project hasn’t even come to cabinet for discussion, let alone been given cabinet approval,” it added.

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