MzGee Encourages Followers To Trust God As She Reveals How She Got Over Her Tough Times.

Entertainment pundit and presenter at TV3 MzGee has taken to social media to share some words of encouragement to her fans as she reveals how she was able to overcome some obstacles and troubles she was facing.

According to her, there is only one person that can be trusted when one goes through all the troubles that come with life and that person is God because if he has brought her this far then she can do the same for anyone.

Taking to her Instagram handle she wrote saying;

Been going through some tough times and I’ve been questioning God as to why he allowed the situations to befall me.

Last week, while I was still contemplating, a worshipper I was listening to raise this song .. “You’re too faithful to fail me, you’re too faithful to disappoint me, you’ve proven yourself in my life and I’ve come to realize you’re too faithful to fail me” just then I heard a voice say if he has brought you this far why won’t he see you through? Trust him!

My people, just to encourage you. Be rest assured that God will see you through no matter the circumstance(s). He is a faithful God! Tried and tested! Hold on to his words, he will come through for you!

Have a blessed week!

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