My Stepmom Sacked Me From My Dad’s Home, Shugatiti Opens up on Bitter Experience From Childhood.

Ghanaian promising actress, model and socialite known in private life as Abena serwaa Frimpong has opened up on her bitter experience growing up with a wicked step mom. She narrates how his father’s lover did not like her and treated her with contempt and finally ejected her from the home when she was in the first year at senior high school.

Speaking in a exclusive interview with zionfelix, SHUGATITI saids it all started when she was 7 and his Father Mr. Frimpong of blessed memory took her into a new marital home. Her stepmom wouldn’t speak to her in calm manner, she didn’t care about her welfare even though she was living with a ‘stepmom’ she was left on her in many events.

“I matured early as young as 7, because she doesn’t care about you so I have to use my head” she said.

While explaining why she was sacked, she told the Blogger she had problem in school that the father will be unhappy to know about. The stepmom then advice her to leave home to stay another friend she instructed while she calms the father’s anger. The stepmom refused to call shugatiti back home.

The nudist went back into the home after overstaying the agreed period only to know that her Dad’s wife clandestinely sent her out to make it seem Shugatiti is a spoilt girl in the father’s sight.

“I overstayed during one vacation my Dad wasn’t happy about it. My stepmom asked me to go and sleep with her on friend and she will talk to my father so that I can come home. I stayed there for more than 4 days. I went back to know what was going on, only to realize She deliberately sent me out to make my father believe I don’t sleep home” she added.

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