Veteran Kumawood actress widely known as Kyeiwaa headlined several articles on major blogs and other news portals succeeding her viral marriage ceremony which happened in the U.S and took the local internet community by storm, reports.

The movie star who in her thanksgiving ceremony made some shocking revelations and further disclosed some life-changing testimonies have warmed the hearts of social media network users with the exclusive information she shared and words of encouragement.

According to Kyeiwaa, she has experienced several failed marriages most notably the recent her last infamous marriage which grew sour in just four days. As claimed by Kyeiwaa, she didn’t give up on God but kept praying unto the maker to get her another marriage which he just did.

In Kyeiwaa’s own words during her thanksgiving ceremony:

Thank you all for the love and the wonderful comments I received. You have all done really well, I thank all my church members as well, my pastor and his wife. I never thought God will make me this happy. I didn’t know I will also be a Mrs.

And what makes me happier is when he refers to me as his wife when someone calls him. I had thrown the thoughts of marriage away initially but my pastor assured me that I will get married so I should not lose hope. God had plans for me … so I advise everyone to have the patience for God. It will help you a lot.

After these words of gratitude and encouragement, Kyeiwaa additionally said the following:

“There are some people who have it easy in life, whether they have been anointed by pastors or not. There are people who also find it hard like me, they suffer, and if they do not take care, they could even speak against God.

However, I bless God that my story has changed, that a man came to marry me. If your good things have not come yet, you might even be pressured to kill yourself and lose the good things in store for you. Wait upon the lord, no matter your circumstance. God has time for us, He has good things in store for us, so let us wait on Him,”



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