My Job Has Made Me Loose Good Men – Afia Pokuaa reveals

RENOWNED Radio Personality and pioneer of SugarDem Ministries, Afia Pokuaa has revealed how her job has made her loose men who came for her good.

Vim Lady on the narrative said some men didn’t marry her because of the work she does and how loud she is.

Explaining further, she hinted that although the men are okay with what she does, parents of these men have on several occasions rejected her because to them she is loud.

She made this known when she was speaking at maiden anniversary lecture series of the Alliance for Women in Media.

…There are a lot of misconceptions, so there’s a system that we need to break to get women there. Once they find themselves even in the media, what are the support systems there? None”.
“Imagine me, sitting on radio, calling people’s fathers out, people who are older than me, because I have a job to do. And I’m doing it in Akan, very brutal not just ordinarily brutal in English but very brutal. So I’ve been called all sorts of names. I’ve lost marriage proposals because of that. Yes… ‘My son can’t marry a woman who is loud, so my son can’t be with you. I’ve heard a lot of that.

Afia Pokuaa revealed

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