My Fame Don’t Mean Anything To Me – Wode Maya Says

Wode Maya, Ghana’s most popular YouTuber, revealed in a recent interview with Kafui Dey on GTV that he is not a public figure whose fame has eaten into his head.

He said a lot of people see him and say he is popular, but he doesn’t care how popular he is, but the positive impact he has on the people.

in his own words, he said:

It’s your influence on society that defines who you are, not what you do. I only have to go to a place, advertise there, and people will come. So it makes me happy when people go there. I desire to influence. I’m talking about the fact that viewers of my YouTube videos started their own YouTube channels. That is the effect that we seek.

“I believe that our population is undereducated when it comes to being popular online. Being semi-naked online is not the point. It’s only one day, at the end of the day. fast forward, in my opinion. It’s more like you’ve gained notoriety online. In the end, nobody is aware of your identity.


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