“Me y3 2 2 adwuma” – Shugatiti publicly declares

Shugatiti, a famous Ghanaian nudist, actress, and socialite who goes by the name Shugatiti, said in her most recent tweet that she works as a prostitute.

Shugatiti said that she makes her living as a prostitute, and she does not seem to have any problems with this fact.

The fact that Shugatiti is so proud of her work as a prostitute is revealed in a tweet that has gone viral and caused concerns to be raised.

The actress has just come to a startling realization about herself, and it so happens that it concerns the manner in which she can keep a guy satisfied in bed.

Her message was written in the local dialect, She tweeted; “Mey3 2 2 adwuma”

Check out the post below;

Source:Gossips24 – Trending Entertainment News

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