Man sacrifices 2 children to his gods at a shrine & murders wife

A man in his mid-50s at Kulpelga in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region has sacrificed his two children to his gods at a shrine and killed the wife in a rather bizarre manner.

The unfortunate incident which has been characterized by chaotic scenes in the community has left residents in shock over what could have forced the man who has no signs of mental challenges to embark on such a barbaric act.

Eyewitnesses said the suspect, Collins Yagbil dragged his 8-year son to his shrine to offer the sacrifice but when his little daughter of about two years entered as well, she also became a victim.

After slashing the throat of the boy and spilling the blood on the gods, the little girl screamed which angered the father to behead and cut off both hands of the poor little girl.

Sensing danger, his wife attempted to shout and draw the attention of their neighbours but was attacked by the husband and beheaded as well.

The situation has led to a scuffle between the woman’s family who are in-laws to the suspect to storm the community to kill the suspect meeting resistance from the community members in Kulpelga.

It was gathered that Collins Yagbil has since been bundled whiles contacts are made to the police for a rescue from the angry mob that has besieged the community threatening to lynch him.

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